Organic & Natural

We have searched the globe for the best organic and natural ingredients for our teas.  We have 2 primary goals in mind when selecting and crafting our teas:

  1. That the ingredients are natural and free of artificial flavours 
  2. That the ingredients are Organic and grown in healthy environments

Why Organic?

Choosing Organic tea and ingredients means that what you’re consuming tea and herbs grown in a natural environment, free of all herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.  If our tea states that it is Organic within the name, it is 100% Organic. If even a single ingredient is not certified Organic (even though it may still be) then we will rate the product such as 80% Organic, 90% Organic, etc.

Having Organic products is better you’re your health, as well as wildlife and the farmers who work hard to bring the tea to your cup.

Why Natural?

Did you know that most beverages are chemically synthesized for better taste?  This includes many bagged and loose leaf teas, as well as common soft drinks and juices. 

At Lemon Lily, we don’t believe that we need to compromise taste by adding chemicals, so we go right to the source and extract natural flavours directly from the fruits and ingredients, then reintroduce them into the tea naturally. 

August 06, 2013 by Jason Johnston