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Important Updates at Lemon Lily

Good day friends.

As many of you know, back in 2021, we decided to discontinue our organic certification as we felt at the time that it was limiting our ability to bring new products to market faster, as well as work with smaller organic farms without certification.

With various regulatory changes around organic claims within Canada and the US, we've decided to return to Organic Certification on many of our products as we are no longer able to call a product "Organic" unless it is certified organic and we are certified organic as well. 

Over the fall and winter of 2023, we are working towards re-certifying all of our single-ingredient products as Certified Organic as a starting point (Japanese Sencha, Japanese Hojicha, Lion's Mane, Reishi, etc.).  These products will be listed as Certified Organic once this process is complete in early 2024.

Our multi-ingredient products (i.e. AnTeaInflammatory and Chai Masala) are going to take some additional time to put through certification as our supply chain, combined with our close to 200 products and 200+ base ingredients is a heavy, committed process that will take time to work through. The products will not make an organic claim however you'll be able to see from the ingredient lists that all ingredients are organic.

Finally, we've been working with other products that follow the same cultivation and best practices, but do not have certification at the source.  These include boba pearls, decaf teas and dragon fruit powder.  These items will no longer be listed as organic on our labels or website (until such time that our suppliers certify them on their end).

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate you beyond words.