About Lemon Lily Organic Tea

Lemon Lily Tea is an award-winning tea company located in Toronto.  Our organic tea and superfood powders are available at 600+ quality locations across Canada and the United States.

Lemon Lily makes 100% natural and certified organic teas which are free of artificial flavours, glutens and GMOs.  We are also nut free, vegan and fair trade.

We work with top tea estates and organic farms from around the world, adopting modern and traditional practices that have created some of the most exciting and delicious teas in Canada and around the world.

From classic favourites and orthodox teas to herbal and fruit infusions, we’ve crafted more than 200 teas for you to enjoy and share.

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Organic Content
We've worked diligently to deliver quality organic teas, superfood powders and ingredients. Our ingredient are purchased Certified Organic from our suppliers and farms, ensuring that you consume only the healthiest tea available. 

Organic Certification
We are a Certified Organic Processor, Packager and Distributor, meaning that all of our teas and all of our ingredients have passed thorough inspection and have been approved.  We are certified through Ecocert Canada.

Natural Flavours
Drinking tea should be healthy, shouldn't it? Many tea companies cut corners by adding artificial flavours to their teas.  At Lemon Lily, we do not believe in chemically produced flavours, so we take a 100% natural route, which means that all of our flavours come directly from our ingredients, including natural extracts and oils from the fruits and plants.

Free Shipping
We provide free shipping on all orders from $55 or more (before tax).  If your order is smaller, we simply charge a nominal flat fee.

Free Samples!
All of our orders come with a generous sample! Our samples will allow you to enjoy more of our teas.