Frequently Asked Questions:


Where are we located?
We are located in Toronto.  After 5 years with our own shop, our products are now readily accessible in 400 retailers across Canada so we are no longer open to the public. 


How many grams of tea in a cup?
The short answer is 3-5 grams per cup.  On average, you will use 2.5 grams per 6oz cup. With this logic, we can conclude the following: 50g = 20 cups, 100g = 40 cups, 250g = 100 cups and 1lb = 180 cups of tea. Please view each tea for specific instructions.


How do I make or steep my tea properly?
All teas come with very specific directions, including how much tea, what temperature and how long you should steep for.  These are suggestions and we encourage you to experiment!  It's easy!


What will my tea arrive in?
Your tea will arrive in fresh sealed pouches or sealed tins, depending on the size. We use this packaging to seal in the freshness.  All packaging is food-grade quality and can be used to store your tea for approximately 12-24 months. 


How long will it take for my tea to arrive?
We're truly excited about tea. We prepare your order from scratch so it does take some time to complete. Typically, you're looking at 7-10 days because we blend everything fresh on demand for you.   Need an update on your order?  Please email info@lemonlily.ca


What happens if I'm away when my delivery comes?

If you're away when delivery occurs, the couriers will make multiple attempts over several days or leave you a notice with pickup instructions.  If the packages is returned to us, we ask you to cover the 2nd shipment.  If you request a refund, we will subtract the shipping.


What does Organic really mean?
Organic means that tea, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs or other ingredients are grown without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMO's), sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. Considering tea isn't usually washed before it reaches you, would you want anything but organic tea?

Why are we Certified Organic?
Certified Organic means that we are accountable for showing full traceability on all of our ingredients to a certifying party who works with The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Canadian Organic Regime.  This ensures that when we say Organic, we are full organic establishing 95%+ Organic ingredients.  We in fact use only 100% organic ingredients in every blend.

What is Organic versus Certified Organic?
Organic mean that at least 70% of the ingredients must be organic.  That allows for 30% to be non-organic including the use of artificial flavours and ingredients which may have pesticides and other chemicals.  Certified Organic, which Lemon Lily is, guarantees that 95%+ of the ingredients in our teas are certified organic.  While we cannot claim 100% organic due to regulations, we can confirm that 100% of our ingredients and teas are in fact Certified Organic.


Why don't you use artificial flavours?  The other tea people do.
We decided to start a tea company, not a soft drink company.  As other tea companies fill their teas with candy and sugar and artificial flavours, we keep our teas pure and natural.  Using natural extracts and essential oils, we can create the tastes you love without chemicals!  Even our palm sugar, sugar cane, honey and maple found in a small handful of our teas are completely natural and organic.


How is your tea prepared?
Our tea is prepared fresh to order.  We literally craft your tea on demand to provide you with the freshest tea available.  Its then packaged, labeled and shipped directly from our tea house to your door.


How long does your tea last?
Packaged tea has a shelf life of up to 24 months however because the tea will be opened and enjoyed regularly by you, we suggest consumption within 12 months for maximum freshness.  Make sure you keep your tea sealed in our pouch or tin as exposure to oxygen can steal its freshness.