Environmental Commitment

Lemon Lily's commitment to our environment

100% Certified Organic Ingredients

All of our 200+ base ingredients are Certified Organic and All Natural, ensuring only clean products are entering your body and later entering our compost and recycling facilities.

Flat Packing
Flat Packing our orders ensures minimal space usage on transportation, reducing our carbon footprint

Reusing Packaging
We reuse all packaging that comes into our facility from other suppliers for our wholesale orders

Lemon Lily’s staff all utilize public transportation and walking for work and local deliveries

Natural Light
With our gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, we limit our energy usage with natural light

Recyclable & Biodegradable Cups & Lids
Working with Ingeo, our cups and lids are made with 100% compostable materials

Chlorine-Free Tea Bags
Our tea filters are all bleach and chemical-free made from natural materials and compostable

BPA-Free Plastic
Our limited plastic accessories use BPA-free materials to improve consumer safety

Recycled & Step Forward 80% Wheat Straw Paper
All of our paper is made from 80% wheat straw and 20% recycled paper

All Natural Cleaning Solutions & Soaps
Our cleaning supplies, such as our floor cleaner and hand soap use all natural ingredients

Reusable Tins & Pouches
Our food-grade tins & pouches are reusable. We offer $1 towards purchases when these are refilled


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