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Mangosteen Powder

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Discovered by our Founder, Jason, during his travels through Thailand, mangosteen is a tropical fruit grown in Thailand and Myanmar whose rind (the pericarp) is known to have some medicinal properties. The hull of the fruit has been used for many years in Southeast Asia, and recently interesting properties are slowly being revealed. 

Uses & Benefits:

  • The Mangosteen is the single, most abundant source of xanthones known to science. A number of these xanthones were demonstrated in scientific studies to be even more potent antioxidant. 
  • It is well known weight loss product.
  • They were also shown in scientific and pharmacological studies to possess a variety of immune-system-boosting and healing properties, such as supporting microbiological balance, helping the immune system, improving joint flexibility, and providing mental support.
  • It can help diarrhea, infections, tuberculosis, cancer, and a host of other illnesses.
  • Some people apply mangosteen to the skin for eczema and other skin conditions.

Ingredients: Organic Mangosteen Powder


1. Scoop half a tea spoon of mangosteen powder into your cup
2. Pour 1oz hot water into cup
3. Sweeten as desired
4. Whisk or stir to dissolve 
5. Add frothed milk or milk alternative for tea lattes or top with hot water

Origin: Thailand