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Shangri-La Oolong

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A peppery zing balanced with the tranquility of a warm fire after an arduous hike of everyday life. 

Shangri-la Oolong is a unique and artistic oolong that is more similar to dark-roasted Chinese oolongs than the lighter Taiwanese varieties. Unlike most oolongs, it does not go through multiple rolling and oxidation processes. Instead, mature leaves are plucked, withered for a few hours, and treated with an enzyme to soften them and inhibit oxidation. The leaves are then rolled for 30-40 minutes under various levels of pressure and oxidized for an additional 2 hours before being dried in a commercial dryer. This results in a dark, heavily oxidized oolong with a nutty flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Oolong.

Steeping Guide:
Amount: 3g /1½ teaspoons
Temperature: 180°F
Steeping Time: 3 to 4 minutes

Caffeine: Yes, moderate

Origin: Nepal