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English Breakfast Microground

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A fine Organic blend of black tea, microground in to a powder, much like matcha, makes for a red-gold cup with a smooth finish .  Makes an excellent tea latte,  or instant cup of black tea.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Organic & Natural

Origin: India, Sri Lanka, China


1. Scoop half a tea spoon of English breakfast microground into your cup
2. Pour 1oz boiling water into cup
3. Whisk or stir to dissolve 
4. Add frothed milk or milk alternative for tea lattes or top with hot water for an instant classic

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Taste the Difference

Organic & All Naural

Lemon Lily makes 100% natural and certified organic teas which are free of artificial flavours, glutens and GMOs. We are also nut free and vegan.


I have been obsessed for 2 years now with this tea. The blends are incredible. They use REAL ingredients and don't try to fake it with 'natural flavours' like Davids Tea

Ana K

I'm into drinking teas and Lemon Lily Tea is one of my favourite in Canada. Its natural and organic loose leaf teas are remarkably fresh and the prices are reasonable.

Hyeyoung P


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