Wood Betony

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One of nature's greatest gifts and best kept secrets.  Seriously.  It took us years to discover this amazing wonder.

Few plants have as widespread a history as betony. Used since the Roman Empire, when it was considered a remedy for a wide variety of diseases, the plant was ascribed magical powers. Today the plant continues to be used in traditional medicine.

Taken as a tea, it is used as;

- Relief from Asthma 

- Potential prevention from Epilepsy

- Treatment of Nerve Pain

- An astringent to treat diarrhea

- As a gargle or tea for irritations of the mouth and throat

- Used to treat anxiety

- Given as a tincture for the treatment of headache

- Heartburn Relief

- Bladder and Kidney Stones


Certified Organic & All Natural. 

Steeping Guide:
Amount: 3g /1½ teaspoons
Temperature: 200°F
Steeping Time: 8 to 10 minutes

Caffeine: Yes, moderate


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