Coconut Milk Powder

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Coconut milk powder has the scent of a coconut and a slightly sweet taste. It is produced from the creamy, rich liquid made from the meat of mature coconuts.

Coconut Milk is high in saturated fat, mainly lauric acid (also found in mother's milk), along with Vitamins B, C, and E and a multitude of antioxidants. Contains 62.5% fat.

Coconut milk powder can be made into coconut milk by simply adding water. Adjust the powder to water ratio depending on the richness of the desired milk. This powder is ideal for adding to your tea or coffee, as well as for recipes that call for coconut milk, such as curries, puddings, baking, ice cream, etc.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk Powder ((sometimes contains Organic Tapioca (cassava) and/or Organic Acacia Gum (tree sap) as an emulsifier/stabilizer))

Certified Organic & Natural

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